Veteran DC-based award-winning songwriters and performers Diana Quinn (Tru Fax & the Insaniacs, Honky Tonk Confidential, The Fabulettes) and Lisa Ann Wright (The Fabulettes) are the Snarky Sisterz offer an eclectic mix of clever originals and curated covers, with great harmonies and droll banter, and with a minimum of angst and ennui.

Uptown Train

We can even sing train songs on a boat!

These are some hard times, and we have to walk the line between being ourselves and being respectful..but we are Snarky Sisterz with a heart! Or at least Lisa has a heart. Diana is the snarky one. (Lisa updates the website.)



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Who are we?  

Diana Quinn and Lisa Ann Wright are the Snarky Sisterz, a DC-based duo that defies categorization!  The Snarky Sisterz play an eclectic mix of clever originals and covers, from bluegrass to the Beatles, 20s standards to punk, and on to roots rock, Americana, blues, 60s girl group songs, and even a smidgeon of jazz. 

We have some fun gigs coming up -- check out our calendar .

We were recently featured on WOWD's Forbidden Alliance and WERA's Music Alley! Listen to our interview with DJ Robbie White and also hear us being interviewed by Carol Campbell and Marco Delmar! Also got airplay on DC - Roots of Music

Our EP available HERE!

And here is a nice new video of Diana from 202DC.TV singing Going Around the World